In China all Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ units will have 5G, 12GB RAM and at least 512GB Storage

Due to the unofficial king of leaks @IceUniverse we got to know that the Samsung Galaxy Note10’s configuration about the Chinese market before it’ unveil,which will get launched the early of the next month. Samsung Galaxy Note10 will come in two variant’s 5G/128GB and 5GB/512GB, there could be a 1TB version [it’s not confirmed if the Note10+ will come with a microSD card slot or not which will play a big role in how many people buy the 1TB version].

The vanilla Galaxy Note10 will be a 4G phone with 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage. As we know the competition in the Chinese market is very tough we can expect to see some more versions with more storage, more RAM too.

The Note10+ will start at 256GB and 8GB of RAM and it will have a 4G version as well. The Note10 base storage will be 128GB in the Chinese Market. But we got no hints of any upgrade over the S10 phone in this device.

The performance of the device will be more powerful  faster storage – UFS 2.1 to UFS 3.0. In terms of chipset, Exynos-powered phones will use the faster Exynos 9825 chip.The performance of the device will be more powerful, but with respect to the reports we’ll see that the Snapdragon 855 models will not upgrade to the Note10+. Charging speeds will be improved to 45W on the Galaxy Note10+ and 25W on the vanilla Note10 (up from 15W on the LTE members of the S10 family).

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