Google Drive working in a Beta feature of Offline Mode for PDF’s,Images,etc

The feature is only available now for the G-suite Organisation users

Earlier this year, docs and slide got offline mode support. Now PDF’s and non-Google files are also getting the support. This extra feature is currently in a Beta form. Google Drive introduced offline mode for doc’s,slides, and spreadsheets in this May and now it is going to launch offline mode PDF’s,Images, and Microsoft Files. If you want to test the feature now you have to apply for the G-suite beta program. This new feature tends to bring more users to store content on the Cloud. There is no proper time of arrival of this new feature, but as it is tested very extensively it should come very soon.

The biggest problem is the non-access of Google Drive user’s data in limited connectivity areas. The feature tends to decrease this problems which were deflecting user’s from using the Clouds service. This feature isn’t available for Chrome OS users for now but Google developer says they are working on it and will bring it soon.

Admin and end user can apply to test the beta version first. Admins must first enable Drive File Stream use and installation for their domain, and enable offline for supported domain and devices. All the admins who opted into the testing of offline mode for the Docs, Sheets, and Slides will automatically be whitelisted for this beta as well. The other Back end users will also need to enable offline mode within Google Drive or Docs settings. The backend user need to sign into Chrome with the associated account with the whitelisted Google Group and access Drive File Stream after getting this steps done you can test the features by marking a non-Google files as available offline by clicking right on a file and select Make available offline. File will get showed in the offline preview feature. Users can also right click and open any non-Google files using native applications, which means that in offline mode, a Microsoft Office Files can be opened using the native Microsoft Office applications.

Comment down that from how long were you waiting an similar update like this in Google Drive😕

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