Darkmode in Gmail !!

As we know that all the big OS’s like Android and iOS are getting Dark theme as more people like reading in Darkmode as it reduces the eye tension while reading at night. The Gmail App is also going with the trend of dark theme in Android but it is still in beta form and it is work in progress, but in some users interface it is showing dark theme randomly in the latest version of the App.

For now, it is only available in the App Settings and not in the main window or the sidebar but should come in the upcoming days with a new stable update of the App. Also the dark mode in the app seems very much unstable and you have got no control on it as it has no toggle menu to disable the mode.

It is very likely that Google will work hard on the App and make the Darkmode theme more stable and make it more controllable by getting it to the toggle menu bar or the sidebars of the App and can release it soon or at the release of Android Q which will come out in August of this Year with some new features. As of the Pixel users it will be very unfortunate to be not able to make the Gmail App work in the Dark mode as the other phone’s OS works in the Dark mode.

If you have any feedback or queries pls tell us in the comment section 🙂

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