Now you can make add free call from Truecaller to a Truecaller Users

The Caller ID,SMS,spam block & payments app ‘Truecaller’ got a new feature in its bag which enables voice calls over the VoIP protocol. This new feature of Truecaller is only added to the Android device and  the iOS version would be coming next week.


The new updated feature had rolled in 10June but got confirmed by the App developer today. Truecaller works similar to other VoIP app. If you had downloaded the app you would be familiar to the UI which had the dialer access to your contacts. Due to the new feature now you can call a Truecaller user via Truecaller for freee without any Add.

From beginning Truecaller has expanded its feature to be above other VoIP app which make this app above average than all other VoIP apps. Truecaller has made great updates in the past like to send SMS to other Truecaller user free in app and lately they have added Payment method to the app too. But due to no signs from the App developer for any type of security as you are calling through it and they had made no signs regarding the encryption of the Truecaller users privacy. Thus we recommend you to not make any call with any app in PlayStore as some may be a spam which you would not get at first but they will gain your privacy and you will be there feeder in this case. So we recommend you to make calls and message to the networking system in which you are linked with for you data privace and security. But if just want have a lioght chat with friends then you can use other apps but just keep in mind to not tell your precious data like PIN,PassWords,etc.

Let us know what you think about this feature and will you trust any app in PlayStore 🙂

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