Adobe Photoshop can now detect photoshopped faces

Adobe’s new feature identifying the photoshopped faces

Adobe Inc. the American multinational computer software company with researchers from the University of California,Berkely had made AI capable to detect manipulation in images using Photoshop software.This new feature is being added to prevent viewers from the deepfake visual content which people don’t like it is also intended to make an image more forensically understandable for everyone.

To show the capabilities of the programme the Adobe team trained a convolutional neural network (CNN) to spot the difference made with the Photoshop’s ”Face Away Liquify” feature which was made to tweaks in the facial context like ears,nose,eyes,etc.While testing it was found that Human Eyes could only identify the altered face 53% on the other hand the trained neural network tool got it right as high as whopping 99%.


”This is an important step in being in able to detect certain type of image editing,and the undo capabilities works suprisingly well.Beyond technologies like this,the best defence will be a sophisticated public who know that content can be manipulated,often to delight them,but sometimes to mislead them as well,”said Gavin Miller,Head of Research,Adobe.




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