USB-C port on the upcoming iPhoneXI?

this is the year when the rumours of le would tend to remove their old Lightning connector on the iPhones and change them with by far the best USB type-C from their upcoming iPhones for example:iPhoneXI.Thus it tends that 2019 is the year when the rumors wil change into reality.

This rumor tends to be a rality from the latest recovery image of iPhone from IOS 13 Beta which shows a USB-C cable pointing to a Mac Book in place of a Lightning cable pointing to iTunes.

We know that apple has removed Lightning cable and inserted USB-C on iPad Pro as it allows faster charging and has a standard of far wider adoptions.

Changing of the charging USB type for the iPhone(11 and 11 max,if excluding the XR successors)to make faster charging available to modern apple devices as their batteries are getting huge but the chaging output is same for many years now.But its very unlikely to change its entire iPhone lineup to USB type-C.

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